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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm no loyal anymore!

Did I tell you about my non-rusty heart?
I think I was wrong.
Now, I don't miss him.
But somehow, he'll appear in my dreams or thought.

I think I have a serious mental problem.
Or is this just the 'post-effect' of loneliness?
I mean, I have no boyfriend for almost two years by now.
Am I longing for that feeling and unfortunately he is the one that I
thought perfect for me.

Oh ya, I have new demand for my so-called 'future-man-that-can-ompliment-me'.
He should have the ability to speak English,
fluently. Not because I can speak English,
but because I want English-speaking environment to bring up our kids.
*awwww, berfikiran jauh gitu!*

So, Mr Ying (I am the Yang),
take note please?

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