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Monday, October 24, 2011

When books are sooo last season!

Dedicated specially to

Hafiz Fazre



and other names I'm not able to mention here

Congratulations on your second graduation!

I don't think we will know each other

without our determination to learn.

Books bring us together,

don't you think so?

All in all, it has been a great 5-year friendship

(except for Hafiz Fazre of course, we've known

each other since we were 16!)

Hafiz Fazre, I know you just love to check

my result every semester without me knowing it.

It really keeps you moving forward, huh?

I'm honored to 'fight' with you that way.

May we have another opportunity to battle in future.

Master degree, perhaps?

Reen & Munni.

Melaka has beautiful memories.

Remember we cheered for our hostel?

Remember we shouted for our level?

Dikir Barat for Dang Anum?

I think we won't forget 'Doncha' dance too!

I miss my free-willy self being around with you.

Well, I'm pretty jealous since this is your second time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Love teaches me strange things [Part Three]

If I have readers, you may be want to puke.
This week is definitely a melodrama for me.

I should stick to 'keep-distance-to-keep-you-sane-from-previous-failed-relationship' tips.

But, something makes me wonder.

I have come to the point where I love without expectation.
Seriously, I don't know how it happens.

I don't expect him to even love me,
or giving hopeful signs.


Or this is not love but a pure madness?

Sometimes I come to think that I'm obsessed,
but if I am, I think I'd kill him and his girlfriend,
just like in the newspapers - splashing acid and whatnot.

Wait, that won't be satisfying.
I'd go for punching and pulling hair.

To those who have someone to love as lovebirds,
please be grateful. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love teaches me strange things [Part Two]

I went out with him with Cekyam and Trex.
I actually had spent few private moment with him too.
Don't get me wrong, I drove him to town.
We spent time talking and fighting.
I always love the fighting part. :)

He asked me to do his laundry.
He touched my head like I am a little kid.
He held my hand tight.
He even kissed the back of my hand.
He laid his head on my shoulder for he was
exhausted due to all-day-long games.

All I can do is,
be there.

I know he's waiting for someone,
it makes me feel uneasy about it.

Mind you, Alhamdulillah, when he is around,
or when we were alone together,
I didn't feel awkward anymore.
My heart doesn't beat fast anymore.

But I think I still care.
And my most-happiest smile is still because of him.

I still want everything is well-prepared for him.
Well, it's just my nature.
It's not just him. If anyone is coming over to my place,
I'll try to accommodate as good as I can.

I just wish we can introduce ourselves again,
this time around as friends,
no more no less.

ps: Last night, Cekyam, Trex and I went to karaoke.
Trex sang 'All Coming Back to Me' by Celine Dion. #dang!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A boy in me.

I cut my hair short.

I love it!
I love it!
I love it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heart speaks

I'm pretty sure, whenever I had girls' talk with my girlfriends
I listed out HIS flaws to our 'historical' relationship.

I know I have been half honest for that matter.
I have never admit my flaws.
I actually could not bring myself to talk about it.

I hope my girls will forgive this side of me.

#1 I realize that I somehow acted like a boyfriend instead of girlfriend.
"You HEAD this relationship, so do whatever you want"
HE said that once.

#2 I always know what to do. I always act like I know in front of him
even if I don't. I would go extra miles to GOGGLE things up for him.
I think Miss-Know-It-All is boring and annoying!

#3 Whenever I caught him flirting, I didn't really get mad.
I just addressed the issue until he said "You don't really care, kan?"
I think I acted like an ignorant girlfriend when I actually tried
to be understanding.

#4 I have this my-fantasy-future-husband picture in my head.
Unfortunate HIM, I expected HIM to BE that prince charming.
Hey young lady, how can you be so out of mind?

#5 Most of the time when I spent with him, I'd fill it up
with fights. Somehow, I was aware what HE wanted but I didn't
want to give HIM. I don't know even up to now why
I acted that way. I just like to fight with HIM.
"Why don't you be a good girlfriend of mine?"
HE even asked me that once.

Haziq, sorry.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It is actually operating now!


This is a laundry shop owned by our family.
It is located in Pasir Gudang Johor.
This is the exact address so you can come over and get our service!

Please note that we take clothes, curtains, carpets, overall (engineers'
attire), dry-cleaning service, shoes, and more!

Those who are around here, even if you love doing laundry on
your own, please help me spread the words okay!
*I dedicate this reminder for someone's boyfriend who is
currently staying and studying around Pasir Gudang*

Dobi Qha Eesya,

No 62, Jalan Sejambak 14,
Taman Bukit Dahlia,
81700 Pasir Gudang Johor.

Kindly contact these following numbers for assistance:

019-742 6348/013-786 2222/017-739 8868

We provide delivery service as well,
so don't bother to get your car key!
We are just a call-away!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My new ABC

I am learning Han guel!

ㅑ ya

and I'm so in ♥ with my new ABC!

p/s: I wish to meet F4 one day!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A phone call

My phone rang when I was deep in sleep.
Without looking at the screen, I picked up the call,
thinking nobody else would be on the other line except
my darling mom. But...

H: Oi, apasal tak wish orang ha?

Me: *looking at the screen and swearing who the hell
is on the line*

Found out it was him.
And I answered...

Me: Oh, nantilah... wish dengan hadiah skali nanti.
Bagi alamat rumah lah ea?

H: Takyah lah, orang nak datang Segamat. Ada Karisma.
Boleh lah bawak orang jalan2 Segamat.
(Karisma is a sports event)

Me: *silent*

I laughed when I heard about him coming here.
It was few months ago when I saw the poster, got excited and
a thought came to my mind.

"H must be joining this. I'm going to see him! Tapi alamak,
it's on November lah. I won't be here anymore. Too bad."

The thought faded away within seconds.

Surprisingly, it is happening. I noticed one thing,
I didn't get excited anymore when he told me about it.
Probably because I'm no longer interested or
because I just woke up from sleep.
Then I realized, I am feeling excited because
I ask myself to think about it.

In conclusion,
I am definitely confused.

ps: Too bad I didn't feel 'blooming' inside when he said
he is coming over. You know, the feeling which makes you feel
so beautiful, feeling which makes your world turns colorful.
I used to have that feeling.