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Sunday, March 31, 2013


It has been nearly a month since he started sailing. I never knew that his second sailing would be harder to face. Perhaps I see too many friends happy with their respective lovers, face to face, dating, engaged, get married and have kids. Right-in-front-of-my-eyes relationship. This is something that I couldn't get. Kalau kahwin pun kena tinggal. Even if he is on leave (that one month on land), we couldn't see each other and spend time together like others. I seriously love spending time with him, doing nothing but eat talk eat talk. He is so funny that I couldn't take my eyes and ears off him. Teringin nak shopping mopping dengan Basit.

Why I feel like he's been away for months? He's on Facebook, I know. But both of us are trying to control ourselves not to contact each other, cehhh konon la kan? Padahal masing2 ada je usik2.. Teruk perangai...

Maybe I should suggest him to work on land? Nahhh, I love him to go to the sea. The ocean teaches him how to be a man, a useful man.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bila rasa tak sure dengan segala benda yang dibuat. Feeling ni selalu datang. And I always ease it dengan fikir - money can save everything. Wrong. Konon tu cara paling cepat nak pujuk hati. Wrong every time. But when are you going to learn a lesson Fi?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The moment that I always look forward to

Kejut kan dia bangun pagi. Paling suka. Paling suka walaupun lalu telefon je. Sebab apa? Satu, sebab dia ada step nak bangun. The best part is - dia mesti akan tertidur balik around 5 minutes. He will sleep soundly. And I will listen to his snore. Sebab kedua, mesti lah sebab tak selalu dapat. Sebulan sekali je agaknya dapat kejut gini. Biasanya dia bangun sendiri. Kes-kes terpencil je dia suruh kejut. Ni macam last night dia kerja sampai 430 pagi. Pastu 9 pagi duty lagi. Pengsan.

Tradisi keluarga.

Sedar tradisi yang satu ni masa nak gi hantar Basit balik kerja haritu.

I actually texted his mom, mintak izin nak ambik dia kat Pahang and hantar pegi KL. guess what, Ma tak bagi. Jauh. Mula-mula rasa restless sebab first I'm not going alone, ada Apit ngan Angah, second he'll be going for months and no one will send him off? Weird.

Meanwhile Ibu kat rumah dah tanya. Awak tak pegi anta dia balik ke kak? Kesian dia kan nak gi Japan, bukan dekat2. Lama pulak tu.

See. Now I understand. I was restless bukan sebab Ma tak bagi, tapi sebab tak dapat hantar dia. Memang dari zaman MRSM dulu, naik bus tu rasa baru 3 kali agaknya.

Memang tradisi keluarga rupanya. Nak hantar nak ambik kalau pergi jauh. Takyah jauh, ni Apit dah dapat rumah baru kat Shah Alam pun Ibu nak hantar, tengok apa ada apa takde, tolong kemas.

Talked about our different families.

Petang tu terbang gi Melaka hantar Mawar, then terus gi KL, without him knowing it. Because I know he loves surprises, that kind of surprises.

Dah jumpa depan mata, dia cakap, "saya dah dapat baca, mesti awak datang punya".

Kalau saya tak datang malam ni? - saya tanya.

Basit cakap,"kalau awak tak datang tengok saya malam ni, saya ingat awak tak sayang saya".

Kasar dia, tetap suka perhatian dan sayang. Manja.

A year to remember.

Sebenarnya Basit did the confession on March 2012. Tapi seriously kami dua tak ingat exact date! Hehe. We are good, which means ada masa okay ngan tak okay. And I'm happy to remember every happiness and sadness. :)

Baru setahun. Harap dapat kenal lagi tiga atau empat tahun.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I asked Ibu if I can get married and make a real simple wedding. She said, he must give at least 8k. And he must stop sailing.

Honestly the second is the most difficult thing to be fulfilled. I actually do not intend to change him and his dreams. He is ambitious when he is on board. And I always love to encourage him, convince him that he'll achieve his aim one day.

And, Ibu wanted me to stop attending sporty events that require me to burn myself under the hot sun. 'Putih kan muka tu dulu, jangan pegi apa2 activities yang kena berjemur, baru boleh kawin'. I guess she didn't remember that she and ayah were the ones who insisted me to be a school teacher?

To be true, I've never felt so serious about marriage until I met Basit. Thank God, we don't really rush but we do talk about it sometimes. Since our relationship is based on trust, we both think that we want to strengthen that part first. It is the foundation.

Plus, I don't know how to explain to my parents. Especially about his job. I don't mind being left for 6 months. I know I'm gonna miss him but marriage doesn't suppose to stop what you are good at. I wish my parents (particularly my mom) would understand that their first daughter wants to grow old with a ship mechanic, not a teacher, a land engineer, an architect or etc.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Second sailing.

It was a good goodbye. We went for a date! A two-hour makan-makan session at KFC PJ.

I know he is serious with me, just that he is not 100% confident yet. I am in the same boat. And we both want to work on it.

I hope he is the one. Despite all of our flaws, Allah please strengthen our jodoh.

This is the first time I pray for my jodoh.