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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I shouldn't have ever looked at you

You showed me love, without words
You gave me your love, without words
You made me hold my breath waiting for you
But you ran away

Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love throws me away

Why does it hurt so much?
Why does it keep hurting?

Without a word, tears fall
Without a word, my heart breaks
Without a word, I wait for love
Without a word, love hurts me

Without a word, goodbyes find me
Without a word, goodbyes come to me
I couldn't even prepare to send you away

I think my heart was surprised

Without a word, it came
Without a word, it went
Without a word, it left

Like the previous fever
I'll just hurt for awhile
Since only scars will be left in the end

ps: May Allah help me with this

I feel so yellow :)

What a DULL!
School stuff supposed to be COOL and COLORFUL!
Someone has to doll it up!

*magic spell*


Nahhh, no magic to be true.
I made a 'cheeky dress' for my notebook.
It is handmade! *clap clap to me*

I love yellow - it wakes me up like the hot sunshine.
I love blue - it calms me like the ocean's wind.
I love red - PASSION!

ps: Try to doll up your stuff. It brings positive auras!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A love letter to me.

Just another week.

May all of us are blessed with another year to fight.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Peeking my Christmas sock! ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

.......♥*................ __/\__
.......*♥............… ..*-:¦:-*
...~`,`~.................. |
¸....✫................... *•*
´¸.•✫ .............. *♥•♫•♫♥*
~`,`~............. ✯♥•♦♫♥•♥*.
`.✫`.............. *♥☺♥•♥•☺♥*.
/ \....................... ╬╬╬╬

Dearest Cikgu Chopstick,
these are your Christmas prezzies!

I am specially 'honored' to receive these.

I have to work on a SERIOUS ACADEMIC research
for more or less four months from now.



These are the real rewards!

Can you see my glowing eyes?

Saya Fobia Dengan DOT DOT DOT

I just found this contest adorable - I just can't help to feel that way!
And, this gonna be my first Malay entry *hoping to spice it up*
Anyone who wants to join this, just click on the following image to know the details;

DOT DOT DOT saya kat sini ialah memandu .

Semuanya sebab saya drive time ada lesen L!
Semuanya sebab saya drive before dapat lesen P yang sah!

Saya pernah accident (kereta manual) - hampir masuk sungai!
It happened so fast! Yang paling horror,
saya terus lepaskan tangan daripada stereng dan TIDAK tekan break!
*ibu yg duduk sebelah telah angkat handbreak - if not,
pasti kami dah jadi ikan dugong dalam sungai*

Sebelum insiden tu, saya memang tak pernah takut nak drive.
After accident nak masuk sungai tu, memang tak boleh nak pegang stereng.

Sangat takut.

Takut sebab fikir ada ibu dengan adik dalam kereta.

Mungkin saya boleh buat mereka mati.

Syukur Tuhan nak bagi peluang bernafas lagi.

Tapi kereta remuk teruk - hangus RM3K ayah!


Few weeks lepas accident tu, saya dah kena start pegi kelas driving sebab nak dapatkan P.
*terima kasih kepada Hafiz Fazre kerana percaya dan beri semangat*

For the record, saya amek test driving sebanyak LIMA kali!

Saya lulus untuk dapat P lepas test JPJ 5 kali.

Saya still ingat, saya bisik kat kereta test tu before naik bukit;
'Awak, awak kereta yg bawa tuah'

dan lepas dah lulus semua - pastilah saya cium stereng kereta tu!

walaupun pernah putus asa
saya berjaya lawan perasaan takut tu.

Saya dah boleh drive semula dengan baik dan berani.

Kepada korang-korang yg ada fobia,
face it!

Kalau saya boleh,
so do you!

ps: To readers (especially my students), do not drive without valid driving license.
It doesn't worth anything under the sun.

Saya mahu tahu cerita fobia DOT DOT DOT

♫ music score ♪

Good day, creatures!

I've been spending the whole day with my headphones,
my swollen red ears are the most convincing evidences in this case.

I love to share a beat of a hot-from-the-oven song
*click those big words to listen to the song*
It's my little brother's band - independent and local.

My brother is the vocalist and the bassist. *He has a florescent pink bass guitar*
Oh ya, they have good English songs too and my favorite is The Star
but they are too shy to share the song
*it's a pop lovey dovey song which they are not supposed to be that way*

If you are into music, probably you can help these dudes to reach their dreams.
Kindly follow them on Facebook here or blog here to keep updated with
their latest masterpieces and gigs!

Final words,
to Mr Vocalist, break a leg!
Or I'll break your legs!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I have something to say



myspace comments

obviously, for the didn't-come-true picnic date.

ps: Let's plan a new one. Perhaps, after New Year?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Eat Play Love *my own version*

What do you guys think?
The date?
The time?
The food?
The payment?

Agree? Disagree?
Spill out your thought!

Oh ya!
Closing date for giving your complaints is 7th Dec 2010.
Closing date for giving your name to join is 10th Dec 2010.

Thank you

Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you know that SPM can kill you?

It's the second week of
'Spine-chilling PoisonousMurderous' exam aka SPM!
*May God bless all candidates (esp. SMKKK Einsteins) with easiness throughout the war!

For the record, I still remember my SHAMEFUL SPM trial results.
5As and...

The 5Ds were Add Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and History.
These 5Ds forced me to work hard and pray hard.
I worked hard, I know I did.
I worked hard till the last minute (a minute before I entered the exam hall).

Alhamdulillah (Praise all to God), I managed to improve the 5Ds for my real SPM.
Add Math & History - A
Physics & Chemistry - B
Biology - C *Thank God I passed this most hateful subject!

I'm grateful and thankful for the result.
FYI, I've been cursed by my Biology teacher for playing truant during her classes.
He he he... That's why I don't deserve any better result than Vitamin C!

Moral of the story, DO NOT BE A-PAIN-IN-ASS creature to your God, family, teachers and friends!

♥ Deepest appreciation that I never had the opportunity to deliver

you have answered my doa despite me being ungrateful devotee to u.

thank you for the opportunity to quit MRSM and to attend art class.

for food, drinks, and rides you prepared for me & friends with love.

you have saved the craziness that banging on the door inside me!

your dreams are my dreams.

Atuk Mah & Late Atuk Chom;
I could only repay your love with daily doa.

your concern makes me believe I could survive anywhere in the world.

Ibu Idah;
we have no blood ties but our hearts are always tied together!

Haziq & family;
my true momentum, you moved me forward.

Hafiz Fazre;
you are my No.1 enemy in academic!

the shared knowledge and memory remain forever.

I always owe you, hereafter.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lost in November!

Oh, seriously!

November has been real crazy to me

Number 1.
Working in the book store has been tiring ever.
I'm tired of reading Malay dragging love novels! *puke*
I wish to work at MPH or Kinokuniya or Borders one day.
I love discounts on books

Number 2.
Babysitting two little monsters at home.
One gives me headache,
one makes my heart bloom so beautifully

Number 3.
It's my super busy mom and dad.
They rush in and out of the house,
influence me to feel restless just like they do!

I really wish to update this carpet as frequent as possible.
But at this time being, let me wear this hat;

ps: Happy 48th birthday ayah ! I love you endlessly, dunia akhirat

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cikgu Chopstick?

You can laugh and roll on the floor,
or perhaps doodling a big question mark on your head.

What the hell is Cikgu Chopstick?

Oh, it should be asked this way - WHO the hell is Cikgu Chopstick?

Yes, it is a WHO.

And yes, it is me.

I just to say hi to everyone!

ps: SMKKK kids, this is between you and me!