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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cikgu Chopstick?

You can laugh and roll on the floor,
or perhaps doodling a big question mark on your head.

What the hell is Cikgu Chopstick?

Oh, it should be asked this way - WHO the hell is Cikgu Chopstick?

Yes, it is a WHO.

And yes, it is me.

I just to say hi to everyone!

ps: SMKKK kids, this is between you and me!


  1. I've heard of Cikgu PJ... Cikgu Music... Cikgu IT... even Cikgu Garang! But Cikgu Chopstick...? Well, this is new!

  2. kimi, i know it! i know it u gonna laugh!! grrr!

    halo sir gedek! btw, that makes a good reason for u to continue reading further posts from me ;)

  3. Whaaa! Cool title graphic..! macam ni la!


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