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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lost in November!

Oh, seriously!

November has been real crazy to me

Number 1.
Working in the book store has been tiring ever.
I'm tired of reading Malay dragging love novels! *puke*
I wish to work at MPH or Kinokuniya or Borders one day.
I love discounts on books

Number 2.
Babysitting two little monsters at home.
One gives me headache,
one makes my heart bloom so beautifully

Number 3.
It's my super busy mom and dad.
They rush in and out of the house,
influence me to feel restless just like they do!

I really wish to update this carpet as frequent as possible.
But at this time being, let me wear this hat;

ps: Happy 48th birthday ayah ! I love you endlessly, dunia akhirat


  1. woah..continue the hardwork..miss u!!

  2. tq kok tung! i miss u n other smkkk monsters too! i'll update news on our gathering here ok? i promise!


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