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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

my boyfriend.

Tonight, I have discovered a new reality about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P
between A HERO and A HEROIN
(not a fact because it might not be applicable to every soul under the clouds).

1. I have a male best friend. 'Girls and boys can never be just friends' is just a MYTH to me. He has a girlfriend. I'm happy for him. IMPORTANT FACT: This guy used to be my boyfriend. hehe.

2. Friendship doesn't come along with 'CALL-ME-EVERY-MINUTE-YOU-HAVE' terms and conditions. Me & my guy best friend contact each other once in a month. Or once in a year. But, the 'heart connection' is beyond that. We care and we trust.

3. How do you know he/she is your best friend? Best friends respect each other. Respect each other's opinions, interests, weaknesses. We joke but we don't hurt.

ps: Even when you have opportunities to go beyond friendship, keep in mind that you gonna hurt someone else (if he/she has a love). Be empathetic, be kind.

Dearest Hafiz Fazre,
you are the precious ruby.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Super brat!

* Jom join contest ni! Klik klik kat gambar atas ;)

Lets say Halo to Hang Nadim!

See, dia sangat hero kan?
Tengok aje lah 'tanjak' dia. Jambu.
Tu, celana (seluar - saje bagi dramatik) biru bunga.

He is my very own 'Hang Nadim'.
*okay, saya exaggerate sebab nama dia Nadim je sebenarnya :P

Macam Hang Nadim the legend, my Nadim is also a witty boy.
Cuma satu je beza.
My Nadim is a cam-whore!

*Saya mahu tengok gambar comel:
1) qaseh
2) miss b
3) zawani

Devils in me

Today is Thursday and according to my religion (Islam and I'm happy to be one) tonight is the most beautiful night. We are encouraged to cherish the night by reciting Surah Yassin after we perform Maghrib prayer. Alhamdulillah, I managed to recite the surah tonight.

in so much struggle.

I started yawning once I started reciting the first verse!
I barely can open my eyes while reciting it - I was so damn sleepy!
I slapped my face every now and then only to STAY AWAKE.
And after I finally finished reciting everything, I snored like a pig for nearly two hours!

The Devils really have done a great job here.

Dear Allah, please forgive me.

I wonder how they do Qiamulail. I respect them a lot.

ps: Let's be grateful that God doesn't really punish ungrateful devotees right away!