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Monday, January 10, 2011

my boyfriend.

Tonight, I have discovered a new reality about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P
between A HERO and A HEROIN
(not a fact because it might not be applicable to every soul under the clouds).

1. I have a male best friend. 'Girls and boys can never be just friends' is just a MYTH to me. He has a girlfriend. I'm happy for him. IMPORTANT FACT: This guy used to be my boyfriend. hehe.

2. Friendship doesn't come along with 'CALL-ME-EVERY-MINUTE-YOU-HAVE' terms and conditions. Me & my guy best friend contact each other once in a month. Or once in a year. But, the 'heart connection' is beyond that. We care and we trust.

3. How do you know he/she is your best friend? Best friends respect each other. Respect each other's opinions, interests, weaknesses. We joke but we don't hurt.

ps: Even when you have opportunities to go beyond friendship, keep in mind that you gonna hurt someone else (if he/she has a love). Be empathetic, be kind.

Dearest Hafiz Fazre,
you are the precious ruby.


  1. A best friend is good company. He/she is one whose company you find interesting, entertaining, and/or stimulating.

  2. exactly! he never looks down on me - and always motivate :))


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