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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♫ music score ♪

Good day, creatures!

I've been spending the whole day with my headphones,
my swollen red ears are the most convincing evidences in this case.

I love to share a beat of a hot-from-the-oven song
*click those big words to listen to the song*
It's my little brother's band - independent and local.

My brother is the vocalist and the bassist. *He has a florescent pink bass guitar*
Oh ya, they have good English songs too and my favorite is The Star
but they are too shy to share the song
*it's a pop lovey dovey song which they are not supposed to be that way*

If you are into music, probably you can help these dudes to reach their dreams.
Kindly follow them on Facebook here or blog here to keep updated with
their latest masterpieces and gigs!

Final words,
to Mr Vocalist, break a leg!
Or I'll break your legs!

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