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Thursday, March 7, 2013


I asked Ibu if I can get married and make a real simple wedding. She said, he must give at least 8k. And he must stop sailing.

Honestly the second is the most difficult thing to be fulfilled. I actually do not intend to change him and his dreams. He is ambitious when he is on board. And I always love to encourage him, convince him that he'll achieve his aim one day.

And, Ibu wanted me to stop attending sporty events that require me to burn myself under the hot sun. 'Putih kan muka tu dulu, jangan pegi apa2 activities yang kena berjemur, baru boleh kawin'. I guess she didn't remember that she and ayah were the ones who insisted me to be a school teacher?

To be true, I've never felt so serious about marriage until I met Basit. Thank God, we don't really rush but we do talk about it sometimes. Since our relationship is based on trust, we both think that we want to strengthen that part first. It is the foundation.

Plus, I don't know how to explain to my parents. Especially about his job. I don't mind being left for 6 months. I know I'm gonna miss him but marriage doesn't suppose to stop what you are good at. I wish my parents (particularly my mom) would understand that their first daughter wants to grow old with a ship mechanic, not a teacher, a land engineer, an architect or etc.

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