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Monday, October 3, 2011

A phone call

My phone rang when I was deep in sleep.
Without looking at the screen, I picked up the call,
thinking nobody else would be on the other line except
my darling mom. But...

H: Oi, apasal tak wish orang ha?

Me: *looking at the screen and swearing who the hell
is on the line*

Found out it was him.
And I answered...

Me: Oh, nantilah... wish dengan hadiah skali nanti.
Bagi alamat rumah lah ea?

H: Takyah lah, orang nak datang Segamat. Ada Karisma.
Boleh lah bawak orang jalan2 Segamat.
(Karisma is a sports event)

Me: *silent*

I laughed when I heard about him coming here.
It was few months ago when I saw the poster, got excited and
a thought came to my mind.

"H must be joining this. I'm going to see him! Tapi alamak,
it's on November lah. I won't be here anymore. Too bad."

The thought faded away within seconds.

Surprisingly, it is happening. I noticed one thing,
I didn't get excited anymore when he told me about it.
Probably because I'm no longer interested or
because I just woke up from sleep.
Then I realized, I am feeling excited because
I ask myself to think about it.

In conclusion,
I am definitely confused.

ps: Too bad I didn't feel 'blooming' inside when he said
he is coming over. You know, the feeling which makes you feel
so beautiful, feeling which makes your world turns colorful.
I used to have that feeling.

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