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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heart speaks

I'm pretty sure, whenever I had girls' talk with my girlfriends
I listed out HIS flaws to our 'historical' relationship.

I know I have been half honest for that matter.
I have never admit my flaws.
I actually could not bring myself to talk about it.

I hope my girls will forgive this side of me.

#1 I realize that I somehow acted like a boyfriend instead of girlfriend.
"You HEAD this relationship, so do whatever you want"
HE said that once.

#2 I always know what to do. I always act like I know in front of him
even if I don't. I would go extra miles to GOGGLE things up for him.
I think Miss-Know-It-All is boring and annoying!

#3 Whenever I caught him flirting, I didn't really get mad.
I just addressed the issue until he said "You don't really care, kan?"
I think I acted like an ignorant girlfriend when I actually tried
to be understanding.

#4 I have this my-fantasy-future-husband picture in my head.
Unfortunate HIM, I expected HIM to BE that prince charming.
Hey young lady, how can you be so out of mind?

#5 Most of the time when I spent with him, I'd fill it up
with fights. Somehow, I was aware what HE wanted but I didn't
want to give HIM. I don't know even up to now why
I acted that way. I just like to fight with HIM.
"Why don't you be a good girlfriend of mine?"
HE even asked me that once.

Haziq, sorry.

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