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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bon voyage, seafarers!

This love at the first sight happened on 21st November 2011.
Chose to be the mommy for Deck ratings, I never love Engine ratings the less.
I bet Sir Afiq, the father for Engine ratings, feels the same too. :)

Those Deck ratings had to face me 6 hours each day.
I couldn't imagine, how difficult it was for them.
As the one who stood in front, I could see different moods and expressions.
Negative and positive ones, for sure.
But today I want to remember the good ones.

I could see effort.
I could see perseverance.
I could see passion.

After a month, then only I stepped into Engine ratings class.
Got to know them, learned with them.
All thanks to lovely Maizura!

Yesterday, 19th of May 2012, was their graduation day.
A day to celebrate their own selves, their efforts and success.

With that, Maizura and I had presented fresh red roses for our 90 seafarers.
We wrote a simple note for everyone.
We did everything, with love.

The red roses mean, 
sayangku takkan layu!

I also had chosen another 10 fresh pink roses to be given to
those who left significant marks in my heart.

One is for Fuad, sahabat dunia akhirat.
One is for Jen, awak sentiasa buat saya rasa selamat.
One is for Syafiq, my positive vibe.
One is for Fahmi, anak paling dekat dengan hati.
One is for Izzat, untuk jurnal yang jujur.

One for Fizi, you made me see a different dimension of this life.
One for Man, the most responsible man I ever met.
One is for Hafiz, I see a hero in him.
One is for Faiz, I owe you an apology.
One is for Basit, my very own kekasih hati.

I couldn't take many photos during the ceremony since we were FORCED to sit with the VIPs. You were not allowed to move around - what a silly protocol.

And last night, I didn't take photos too when I sent my kids at Melaka Central.
Yet, I have recorded memory of that night in my heart.
Thank you for the nasi ayam, karaOK session,
McFlurry Oreo, the handshakes and tears :')

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