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Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm a Pirate, Take Me to the Stranger Tides!

Set sail, ahoy!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Aye, I'm a proud pirate because...

u may think that we have airplanes by now but c'mon, eagles are too small
for heroes, lets fight with the shark!

practical and have the element of ledendary
ps: pirate girls always wish to paint their nails with OPI's
*battling eyelashes*

yeah, girls rarely can read map but this map is just splendid!

Arrr, take me on the scalwags Gar!
ps: I'm on the shore on 16 May :P


  1. Tak sabar 'On Stranger Tide / PotC'

    Girls memang tak mesra maps...!

    Sebab tu uncle tak percaya GPS... Sebab suara GPS tu pompuan!

    Hahaha! (kelakar tak?)

  2. haha! you are so true! i just thought when u mentioned it!!! no wonder i couldnt even follow the GPS!

  3. less inch is not sexy, i think the word is cute :P


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