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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Flashback

6 years ago...
16 May 2005: Haziq, Angah and me took flight from school. My mom waited in the car by the school gate. It was all my idea - to escape Teacher's Day school annual celebration. I was a new girl at that time. Worst, I was a prefect.

7 years ago...
16 May 2004: I purposely told my mom that Teacher's Day is a school holiday. Mama and Angah came all the way to my school (I studied at a boarding school at that time) to take me home. I attended Teacher's Day celebration for half an hour (or less, I believe).

Hence, today is the most precious day for Miss Nur Hafiza Bani aka Cikgu Chopstick to extend my apology and gratitude to every teacher I encountered, am encountering and will encounter. I owe you, hereafter.

This year...
16 May 2011: My students and lovely kids wished me Happy Teacher's Day instead. I hope this is not what people called as karma!

p/s: thank you to Sir Gedek for the warm Happy Teacher's Day wish! Yay!!!

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