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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I teach ABC Part I

I've met all my students today, from Business Management, Information Management and CS (I'm really not sure what this stands for!) They are 18, yes, young and tender! I remember my pre-TESL lecturer said, first year students are innocent and naive, wait until they 'grow' up, we can see their true 'facade'!

I'm honored to stand in front at this age (I'm 23 and not so young yet not that old) as an English lecturer. I never taught I'll be here, never in any of my sweet dreams! Alhamdulillah, I believe this is all in Allah's hand and plann. Thank you, Allah!

SO, this is just a quick sneek peek for you.

I'll update and post pictures later!

ps: Segamat has RM4 meal (rice, fried chicken, sambal, vege, iced lemonade)!

can you believe it?


  1. Walawei!

    23 is old, lah...!


  2. wow it looks like you're enjoying your time there :) all the best for both of us babe!


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