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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm a normal lady - again.

Mind me with my new entry, you can leave if you feel that this is inappropriate. :)

This time around I'd like to share about a woman 'thing'.

After few months, I finally got my menstrual circulation back!

And I feel normal, again!

I've been worrying about this but it is actually not weird because

I have experienced this situation before. So, girls out there! Do not freak

out if you have to face this kind of situation. But, if you are curious,

please refer to your gynaecologist (if I'm not mistaken).

Yet, once I got my 'womenness' back, there's a price to pay.

Yeah, I'm blessed with period pain - head to toe.

Head gets dizzy, backache, aching knees, stomach ache,

bla la la the list goes on.

Hopefully I can stand straight tomorrow.

I don't want to appear sick in class!

Kids, during this time don't mess with me.

*warning alarm ne no ne no*

Ya Allah, please grant me strength to face tomorrow.

ps; Tomorrow is my mommy's birthday and I'm not home :'(

I need strength to face it too.

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