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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I teach ABC Part II

I entered class early, around 11.45am.
The class supposed to start at 12pm.
I'm informed that my students will come a little
late on Thursdays because they have to travel from
SL block to Kayangan block. It is far.

I prepared Katy Perry' Fireworks for today's class.
It was meant to spice up their day - after long-hour classes.
Unfortunately, I made their day worst than ever when

1) I asked them to share about a moment when they felt
like they are not worth living (you know, I want to relate
it with the song)
2) I told them Allah will always be around for us

Some of my students cried because...

Her mom said she is a troublesome kid.
The family never celebrated her birthday even once.
Their family problem.
Their late-family members.

The only thing that I can do was to give a warm hug,
wishing that my positive vibe and strength can be transferred
to them automatically. How I wish.

However, they made me feel so grateful for what God has
granted me throughout my life. I couldn't ask for more.

You see, when you feel like you are the dumbest, unluckiest,
ugliest or worst breathing creature on earth - YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG.

Remember, everyone has own battle to fight.

We can be strong or weak - the choice is in your hand.

May Allah grant my students with good life hereafter.

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  1. hai miss fi! remember me,freshie farhana? (what the weird name). miss,who's the lucky one's got ur special hug? hahahaa..super jealous! urm, don't ever laugh when reading my 'crazy' blog.hahaha..
    *broken english again. sorry miss.


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