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Monday, July 4, 2011

Trick O' Treat

For those who know me or close to me, you probably know that I am so difficult to have instant impression/judgement to anyone I just met. I do the same with everyone, regardless his/her relationship with me. You know why? It is because I am very concerned about the consequences. I know this particular person. This person has higher position than me in my workplace - obviously, I am only here for a month! Within this month, I observed that this person treated everyone equally until today. Actually, I wanted to apply a day off this Friday. As part-time full-time lecturer, we have been informed earlier that we have to apply at least three days before the date. So, here I am, applying 4 (four) days earlier than the date I wanted to apply. Then, this particular person called me and asked in high-pitch voice why I wanted to apply the day off.

Yes, I am pissed off too, if that particular person wants to know. I have my own reason to feel that way. Actually, before I submitted the application form, I asked one of my colleagues (new lecturer too). My colleague told me, 'that person is okay, that person told me it is okay if I send day-off application form a day before I want to leave'. There you go. Just because my colleague is the child of Director of this instituiton, this particular person treated my colleague differently. Yes, I know I am nobody's daughter. My parents are not some VIPs. But I tell you what, I am no your slave that you can shout at without concrete reasons.

I feel so broken inside, I am not making this up. Whatever it is, now I know, and I am really sure that I am not good in judging or having impression towards people.

I just wish someday, we will be free from double-standard mindset. But that sounds almost impossible. Therefore, the best way is I will be well-known someday, probably I will be some VIPs/Datin?datuk or whatever the title is. Perhaps, people will treat me equally then?

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  1. as human being, we deserve to be treated with dignity, no matter who we are.


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