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Friday, January 13, 2012

Teaching Boy Mermaids Book 1

This has been the early breakfast for my eyes for these two months.
Let me bring you around to my favorite workplace,

Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM)
Malaysia Maritime Academy

This is the library. We called it Resource Center.

This is our small humble office.

I first thought this is a cable car! Yes, it is helicopter simulator!
There is a big and deep swimming pool to train students.

Last but of course, never the least favorite, our very own
Promenade. I don't think Maldives can beat it.


  1. i thought that miss at Lendu, melaka.

  2. I will somehow miss this place. Dah takda tempat nak lari dah pas ni.

  3. nienaryonie - I'm currently finishing my time at akademi laut melaka :))

    zawani - you dont have to run, babe. pasni org tu nk amek masters dah! huhu

  4. akademi laut malaysia, melaka as english lecturer :) i dont know anything besides babbling :p


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