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Friday, February 15, 2013

I have moved on.

Flashback - I was dating the most charming boy of my school back in 2005. Blindly waiting for him for years, thinking he'd come back to me.

I finally fell in love with someone else in 2012.

Seven years to forget this guy. First love konon.

Now, this 2005 guy visits and helps my mom everyday at the laundry. And today he patted my head, pulled my ears as he did when we were an item.

And all that flashed in front of my eyes is Basit, the 2012 guy.

Now I am sure whose voice I wanna hear everyday, whose hands I wanna hold, whose hardships I wanna face with.


Thank you, Chief. I owe you a lifetime, for bringing back my smiling eyes.

I meow you.

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