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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A gastroporn star [The First Chapter]

Yeay! This is my very first-without-anyone-help-ayam-masak-kicap!

Zawani (Master chef 1): Your fried chicken tastes good!
Kazira (Master chef 2) & Syiera (Master chef 3) : You can get married now!

Me: *blush*

Just wanna share my mom recipe :)

1) chicken drumsticks and wings - CLEANLY WASHED
2) star anise (bunga lawang) , fennel seed (jintan manis) , cinnamon (kayu manis)
3) turmeric powder (serbuk kunyit)
4) salt
5) sweet soya bean sauce
6) the blended mixture (dried chillies, onions and garlics - you know how to prepare this right?)
7) lemon grass
8) cooking oil (what do you expect?)

The simple steps:
1) mix chicken with the turmeric powder as well as salt (I put very little salt)
2) prepare and heat the cooking oil (I used a lot and make sure the oil is well-heated)
3) fry the chicken (obviously) until is is well-cooked
4) take out the fried chicken (dry up the remaining oil)

*tips: Well-heated oil will fry the chicken nicely. You don't fry the chicken too long.

Now, prepare new pan to cook!
1) pour some cooking oil (preferably new oil) and heat it well
(make sure the oil is more than the blended mixture)
2) fry star anise, fennel seed and cinnamon until they produce nice smell
2) pour the blended mixture (if you want it to be spicy, then put extra)
3) wait until it is half dry and add the lemon grass
4) pour the sweet soya bean sauce as much as you want
(I love the dish to be gravy, so I pour a lot)
5) now you can add the fried chicken and mix them well

That's it!
Please try it at your own kitchen!


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