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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Witch or bitch?

I went to the faculty library today.
And for the first time in my life, I wrote a blackmail to a guy.

Please note that black pen is my handwriting, his is blue.

I'll put this as the most embarrassing event in 2011.
To you, I'm dearly sorry for making you leave the place.
You shouldn't leave, slowing down the volume is more than enough.

And, thank you for the *work hard :)


  1. so sweet okei both of u!

    lalalala ;)

  2. erk? tapi mmh patut pun je org mcm tue blah. library should be tempat paling tenang untuk study. bukak lagu kuat2 mmg sgt inconsiderate.

  3. wow dia bising and apis tegur ke? ommggg i slalu teringin nak buat but dunno how. i like his reply! so nice and considerate hehe

  4. miss b, NO! Not sweet at all cz we dont know each other! haha. i just walked to d stranger and gave d killing note. deym.

    wanie, he used earphones yet i can hear amy search singing bulan madu di awan biru!!!! gila irritating!

    nashrah, thats y i ask u am i a bitch or a witch? hahahahaha. yet, thank God he is a fine man, apis da standby if he wanted to serang, i'll make a scene. hehehehhe


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