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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small things that enlighten me: Chapter One

redza minhat: @cikguchopstick you know a circular reference in excel?

You can't define it prior to getting it, but defining it after getting it doesn't solve the equation.

To Redza Minhat, you just made this silly little girl happy.
I personally feel 'important' and I feel like I'm a serious matter, not a kid.
I feel my voice is heard, what I ask is needed to be considered.

Thank you, Encik Redza :)


  1. Two way communication....

    always the best!

  2. let me whisper something to u..heeeeeee..who's encik redza..ceh2 cam bz body plak i nie

  3. gedek, agree :))

    KB emily, he's known more as an actor but he's definitely a thinker. have u watched pisau cukur? he's the Fakir :D


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