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Thursday, July 5, 2012

She's the one.

Have you ever thought that you are the least selfish person living?
I always think that I am considerate enough.
I think about what others might think, their acceptance,
their circumstances, constraints they might face.
Without knowing that someone who is real close to me,
is far better than me.

That special person is actually my mom.

It happened few weeks back when I was strolling around
the night market. I went with her to find some food.
before we went to the night market, she was actually got upset
because Angah was not home yet. My mom always wants
Angah to drive her everywhere. I am always the second choice.
I'm used to that, I don't mind at all. :)

Back to our story, my mom was real upset. Yet, she
searched for food and drinks Angah might want to eat!
If I were my mom, I won't even think about Angah anymore.

How I wish to have such a pure heart.
How I wish to be the least selfish person on earth.

Albom taught me that, our lives are inter-related with one another,
either we notice it or not. That ideology made me think to
be a good person, someone who doesn't bring burden or cause
bad things. I wish to be a lucky charm to others or at least
someone who brings positive vibes around.

I am so pleased and grateful to have such a mother.
She puts us before her own desires.
She makes us as her priority.

If one day I get the opportunity to be a mother,
I want to the best, for I learn from the best. ;)

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