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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Titanic IV

Ayah asked about him.

How long he'll be away?
What vessel he boards?
How he looks like?

I never saw my dad been so curious.
Yeah, previously I never hid my friends.
I welcomed them home.
Maybe this time I just feel unprepared.

Or maybe, my dad is so curious since I am
dating someone at the moment.
He once asked me,
'Along tak keluar pi dating ke mcm angah?'

I laughed. He is concerned.
Takut anak dara dia tak laku.

And, I told him that my dad asked about him.
NOW he IS nervous!
He never met any of his girlfriends' parents before.
He also said I'm the first lady that he brings to meet his family.
(I told him, that is romantic and he said a big fat NO, he is just being nice to me).

Though he is nervous, he sent his salam to my parents.
I didn't tell my parents yet.
I AM nervous.
And he said, he'll pay a visit to them later. :)


  1. hey miss fi! <3 how are you and how ya doin? me iz farhana, hope you still remember me. please do! haha :D im glad you're happy now. so sweettt :D ehem nak tengok gambar si kekasih hati hee :p

  2. Farhana, my IM student from uitm johor :D i still can remember yr face n yr voice darling! haha, thank u so much, alhamdulillah! i hope he is the one but it's too early to say that :) gmbr dia? alamakk malu! haha!


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