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Friday, July 27, 2012

Well, Titanic sinks

As much as I didn't expect that I would end this beautiful relationship,
I am always ready for any bad circumstances.

I said to myself that night when I met him before he went for sailing,
'Fi, you can enjoy this candy feeling but don't put too much hope.'

That made me decide to let him meet my parents later.
Thank God to whisper that to my heart!

I actually was confident with him and myself.
I know, distance won't harm us.

But I forgot there were girls before me,
who now can see he is some useful guy.

Some body told me to fight to get him.
FYI, that kinda spirit has gone dead.
I've used it all for my previous guy.

If you love enough, you'd fight to get him back!
Naah, I love him so I let him choose happiness as he defined.

Dear Basit, no one wants to be the second choice.

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