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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Titanic II

10 Things I Hate About Him

1. His sincerity in expressing his thoughts and feelings. - I know the dark side of him.
2. The fact that he told me he likes me. - If he didn't, I wouldn't have known and I don't have to suffer this!
3. His ability to act mature despite his young age. - The 30-year-old soul stuck in him :p
4. His fierce attitude. Just like an army. - Garang macam rimau.
5. His short texts and messages. - He said he is no romantic guy.
6. When he gave romantic signs that I didn't notice. - "Kalau sudi datanglah tengok ma"
7. His no empty promises. He is no sweet talker. - Tak boleh datang JB, takdop duit.
8. His understanding. - Takyah anta, nanti jumpa 5 minit je. Tak berbaloi.
9. The way he encourages me when I face problems. - Tak malu nangis!
10. His homey home and family. - His welcoming ma, the gangster abah, the three brothers, and macik.

I know I will be writing a lot about this fellow in these coming months.
I couldn't say any of these to him.
I'd show my ugly face.
How is he going to survive and enjoy his work if I do such things?

I know I'm going to miss him for he's leaving for good.
He is leaving for good.
He is leaving for good.

Japan, please be nice to him.
Ocean, please be nice to him.
Ya Allah, have him under your protection and bless.


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