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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Titanic III

I've been a sane girl for years.
I still remember when I was 19, I had this crazy mind.
I went to Kedah alone by bus just to meet my boyfriend.
I mean, I tried to make it up with him.
He had a new girl friend at that time, so I thought I wanted to fight for it.

I lie if I say I don't feel stupid about it.
But on the other hand I told myself,
'Apis, you have tried your best for the relationship. SO, no regrets.'

I face days without a boyfriend for years.
I am truly blessed with good girl friends.
They keep me alive.
I envy them sometimes for having boyfriends to rely on.
To share stories.
To paint future.

Yet, I don't rush with this matter.
Now I can't hardly believe that I'm in love.
I encountered few flirtatious relationships but
I don't want that, for sure.

So  last Saturday. I was 19 again.
I decided to go to KL to meet him in less than 30 minutes.
But this time, it is more meaningful because I have my family with me.
Don't get it wrong. My parents didn't show up in front of him.
We are not ready for that.
Let him come to our home, let him make the move.
He wanted to meet my parents as a man who possesses a job, I think?

We spent two hours double-dating.
Angah and her boyfie Nasaa.
Him and me.
We just talked and looked around KL.
I love the presence of everyone
that I wish we could be family, real family one day.

Basit, I miss you already. :')


  1. auww seronoknya bercinta balik! nk ai bf baru la muhahaha

  2. yg penting dgn sapa kita bercinta tu, dah dpt org baik2, jgn mengada2 nk tukar2 :p


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